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NEW Book 1 Cover 3 Medallions February 2

               The Adventures of Fawn   Book 1    

                   'Til the Last Snowflake Falls


ISBN-10: 1979032505

ISBN-13: 078-1979032506

Fantastic! Fun-tastic! Fawn-tastic!!
The Adventures of Fawn is an exciting award-winning 'coming-of-age' series. 'Til the Last Snowflake Falls is the first entry in this series, which has also won a number of awards on its own. The year is 1849, and legendary reindeer Comet and Vixen have a young daughter, Fawn. In this first book, 'Til the Last Snowflake Falls, the young reindeer spends far too many days alone in the stable at Santa's Village, with no friends and nothing to do. While her parents caution her she's much too young , naive, and inexperienced to go exploring outside the Village by herself, Fawn disagrees. Declaring, “I want some fun and excitement! I don’t care how dangerous it is!” she begins sneaking out each day in search of friends, excitement and adventure. She'll find them all...but also find herself in dangerous situations she's unprepared for! She’ll realize perhaps a bit too late that mom and dad were right all along! And, she'll learn some valuable lessons about what's really important in life. The Adventures of Fawn are filled with fun, laughs, excitement, and magical entertainment for readers all ages! 'Til the Last Snowflake Falls was awarded the Bronze Medal in Dan Poynter's 2017 Global E-book Awards, is designated "Recommended Reading" by The US Book Review (2019), received an Honoree Medallion from indieB.R.A.G. Awards, a Reader's Favorite Five Star Award, One Stop Fiction Books' Five Star Award, and Literary Titan's Silver Book Award.

     The award-winning trilogy, The Adventures of Fawn, is an entertaining, exciting, imaginative, heartwarming excursion into the magical, mythical world of the North Pole, Santa, his friends and reindeer. Through Fawn's many adventures you'll watch her grow and mature as she learns about life and the world she lives in. And, you'll also learn the answers to many questions and mysteries surrounding the North Pole and Santa himself.

     Questions like: Why can't anyone find Santa's Village? How is it possible for Santa, the elves and reindeer to live for centuries? Where does his magic come from? Why did he choose the North Pole as his home? How are all of those wonderful toys made? How did he meet the elves, and how did they come to live together? How is it possible for the reindeer to fly? How can Santa make millions of deliveries in just one night? How did Santa meet Mrs. Claus---and who is she?

     D. Donovan, senior reviewer of Midwest Book Reviews, and editor of  California Bookwatch,  and Children's Bookwatch writes: "...a thought-provoking story of changes, adventures….a study in contrasts, development, and the lasting consequences and impact of choices. A whimsical fantasy about Santa's world and small Fawn's determination to make her life more exciting and meaningful; but its real impact will prove inviting to all ages who look for more than another Santa Christmas tale. Fawn is the perfect heroine: indecisive, yet wanting to do good and uncertain, yet willing to expand her skills and abilities to help others. "

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